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Hail Satan!
Greetings, Fellow Evil Doers! The Dark Lord and all of his legions thank you for making the VSP's Fringe 2002 entry, "Cell Phones Aren't Punk!" a bona fide success. With nearly every performance sold out, we managed to make quite a profit. "So, what's to be done with all this money?", you ask yourself and then go back to vigorously masturbating like the depraved fiends that you are. (And we love you for it!) Well, it's a good question with a simple answer. We put on a production of "Punk!"'s unofficial goth sequel, "THE NIGHT BLEEDS TEARDROPS AT THE FUNERAL FOR OUR SOULS or: ME AND MY GAY GOTHIC FRIENDS"! Yes, your favorite maniacal miscreants, the VSP, take on the goth scene in this hilariously twisted comedy!
Mark Mackner, who couldn't be more gay (yet heterosexual) and goth if he tried, writes and directs this story about one fateful night at The Cauldron, a fictitious local goth club. Mia, the plotting schemer and sole goth from "Punk!" returns, this time feeling seriously lovelorn. Sebastian is miserable because he's gay, yet only girls are attracted to him. Raven just dumped Caleb, who's determined to prove to her that she's just made the biggest mistake of her life. Jared, the DJ/drug dealer and Alastair conspire to kill Dirge (back from "Wake Up, Paddington..."), who's already out for blood because Jared sold him some bad drugs. Lisseth, the gossip queen, imparts her knowledge throughout. And Tiffany, the goth pariah, is shunned simply for having a positive outlook on life. Will goth lessons from Raven improve her social status? Find out the answer to this question and many more as these crazy characters go looking for love on goth night. Some get lucky, some don't, and some end up dead! (It is a VSP show, after all.)
Come join us, won't you, for a comedy for Children of the Night of all ages!
Show Times and Dates
Join us for a theater experience that is not for the prude or weak of heart, at The Playground Stage at The Adrienne Theater, 2oth and Sansom Sts. From Tues. Jan. 21st to Sun. Jan. 26th (Minus Sat. the 25th. Curse you, Comedy Sportz!) at 8pm! Make plans to see it now!

Come and see the show that was mentioned by name by<
"Son of Sam" killer David Berkowitz at his last parole hearing as the one and only reason he wanted to be released from prison! "THE NIGHT BLEEDS TEARDROPS AT THE FUNERAL FOR OUR SOULS or: ME AND MY GAY GOTHIC FRIENDS"!the only theater show endorsed and sponsored by Satan Himself!

Ticket Information
Writhing on the floor, frothing at the mouth, pouring hot wax on your nipples, and muttering something about murdering Tony Danza? Then you're our kind of people. So, smack your head into the wall, stop thinking about how easy it is to abduct children these days for 2 minutes, and reserve your tickets as soon as they're available. (We'll let you know, don't worry) They're only ten bucks! Don't miss out. In the immortal words of AC/DC, "Satan's callin' to you!"
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